FUJIFILM X-T2 & X-Pro 2 MASSIVE firmware update | My top 5 features / by Fred Ranger

In this video I go over my top 5 new features from the latest firmware update Fujifilm released this morning for the X-T2 & X-Pro 2. There is a total of 33 points these updates will bring. Here are 5 of my favorite ones:

    1.    Programmable long exposure of up to 15 minutes
    2.    Extended AE Bracketing
    3.    Voice Memo function
    4.    Size of AF points
    5.    RAW film simulation profile

To download & install them:
X-T2: http://www.fujifilm.com/support/digital_cameras/software/firmware/x/xt2/index.html
X-Pro 2: http://www.fujifilm.com/support/digital_cameras/software/firmware/x/xpro2/index.html

Note that there will be another update in May.

What are your favorite features?