Here's a list of all the Nikon gear I'm selling!

Soooooo. I made my decision. I'm selling my Nikon gear. I'm not selling it because I don't like it though. If you follow my Vlogs, you know I travel a lot and also that I fell in love with the Fuji system a while back.

I made a little Google doc so you can see what I'm selling, at what price and some more info about the gear: 
(The list will be updated in real-time as the gear gets sold.)

Most of the gear is brand new since I had to replace almost all of my kit after it got stolen. Everything has been replaced with brand new equipment from Lozeau Camera Store in Montreal. The warranties with Lozeau and Nikon are all active. the body only has 1700 clicks!!

You can shoot me an Email at if you have any questions.