The Fujifilm X100F - Welcome Back Home!

I first discovered the Fuji cameras with the original X100 6 years ago. I was about to leave on a trip to Italy and wanted something light and portable to complement my heavy Nikon DSLR setup. I brought a good old D700 with the holy trinity of lenses: the 10-24mm f2.8, the 24-70mm f2.8 and the 70-200mm f2.8. All very good glass, but my bag was SO HEAVY! Still there was one little place for that new Fuji camera that I had just bought thinking it would be a good camera to take pictures at dinner or perhaps when on buses and trains. It's only when I got back that I realized looking at Lightroom metadata, that 80% of my shots had been taken with the 23mm fixed lens, not really fast AF Fujifilm X100. Man, that was kind of a surprise given how attached I was to my Nikon gear. When I reflect back, there's one word that describe the reason I was picking up this camera more than my DSLR: SOUL. Even if it was (and still is) a more limited machine, this camera had (and still has) something unique, something inspiring, something that I'm not seeing/feeling with any other camera brand.

These are my first test shots taken with the X100F and I must say that I'm very impressed by this version of the classic.

Expect more shots soon, but you can already tell how much I love this camera, so follow me on Instagram and you'll see a whole lot of it! You can also see a full unboxing and first review on my Youtube Channel.

Happy shooting!