Here's a list of all the Nikon gear I'm selling!

Soooooo. I made my decision. I'm selling my Nikon gear. I'm not selling it because I don't like it though. If you follow my Vlogs, you know I travel a lot and also that I fell in love with the Fuji system a while back.

I made a little Google doc so you can see what I'm selling, at what price and some more info about the gear: 
(The list will be updated in real-time as the gear gets sold.)

Most of the gear is brand new since I had to replace almost all of my kit after it got stolen. Everything has been replaced with brand new equipment from Lozeau Camera Store in Montreal. The warranties with Lozeau and Nikon are all active. the body only has 1700 clicks!!

You can shoot me an Email at if you have any questions.



/// Vlog # 26: A short walk in my the great neighbourhood of Verdun where I live. Follow the hashtag #VerdunLuv on social to see more love for this great part of Montréal!  I also created a Facebook Page here that you can follow for even more luv: 

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In Vlog #23 I do a quick update about my Fuji gear + testing my new SmartLav+ Microphone. 

In this video:
Fujifilm X-PRO2:
Fujifilm Fujinon XF35mm F2 R WR Camera Lens, Black: 
Rode smartLav+ Lavalier Microphone for iPhone and Smartphones:




In vlog #022, I'm at Nuit blanche à Montréa testing the FUJIFILM X10 in different low light situations. Thanks to Fujifilm Camera and Lozea for allowing me to get access to this great camera for 3 days!

In  this video:
Fuji X100T:
Nuit Blanche:

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What's In My New Travel Bag?

VLOG_018 /// Trip to Calgary, New Bag And Habs.




Here it is, the first set of photos taken for the ‪#‎VerdunLuv‬ Page. I created this Page to document this vibrant and changing neighbourhood. People, businesses, events and everything that highlight the tremendous amount of diversity that Arrondissement de Verdun features.

Today, I was walking on Wellington Street and stumbled upon a gothic show, a jam in the parc, a great old man on his scooter and a little friendly animal. Welcome to #VerdunLuv.


Here it is, the first set of photos taken for the #VerdunLuv Page. I created this Page to document this vibrant and...

Posted by VerdunLuv on Saturday, September 26, 2015

Fawn Lake Recordings - Session #1

Had a chance to spend a week in a wooden cabin in front of the magnificently inspiring Fawn Lake. Decided to do a little home recording of one of my The National fave songs. More to come!

I'm Afraid Of Everyone (The National Cover).

The #PlusOneCollection Vol III book has arrived!

Wow! So exciting to see my one of my photos being published in a photography book for the first time, and it's for a good cause!

The ‪#‎plusonecollection‬ book was put together to provide a platform for photographers to give back through their art.

For more info + to order your copy and contribute to saving Eliza click here -->…/Volume-III

And to follow my quest to the ultimate image, Like the page here --> Frederick Ranger Photography

Riffs Against Loneliness

First sketch of a new video series where I explore different sounds ambiances and little metal boxes with lights on it.

Follow my quest to the ultimate tone!

Here's the pedals I used for this sketch:

Super Badass Distortion - MXR
Micro POG - Electro-Harmonix
SUPEREGO Synth Engine - Electro-Harmonix
Flashback Mini Delay - TC Electronic
Ditto Looper - TC Electronic


Jade And Chris Wedding

I've been given the opportunity to capture the most important day in the lives of 2 friends in Mexico. I was a bit nervous not knowing the area and the conditions I would be shooting in, but it turned out pretty well and we had a lot of fun doing it. I mainly used my trusty Nikon D700 + the "Holy Trinity" for lens. A also had a second shooter helping me with the crowd shots. She was using the great Fuji X100. Here's a video about the gear I used and a couple of cool shots from the shoot! Hasta Luego!

Silo No. 5: A Unique Photo Experience

Last Friday, I had an unique opportunity to go inside one of Montréal's oldest and iconic building in Old Montréal: Silo No. 5, a massive machine for the movement of grain built in 1903.

It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and as a photographer, and certainly one of the most interesting photo session ever!

I would love to go back and shoot a documentary about that place. Here's a couple of shots and 2 videos I took during the ascension that led us to the very top of the building offering a spectacular 360 view of the city.

Little video on the very top of the Silo: #brrrr

And Here's the crazy 360 view!