The Fujifilm X100F - Welcome Back Home!

I first discovered the Fuji cameras with the original X100 6 years ago. I was about to leave on a trip to Italy and wanted something light and portable to complement my heavy Nikon DSLR setup. I brought a good old D700 with the holy trinity of lenses: the 10-24mm f2.8, the 24-70mm f2.8 and the 70-200mm f2.8. All very good glass, but my bag was SO HEAVY! Still there was one little place for that new Fuji camera that I had just bought thinking it would be a good camera to take pictures at dinner or perhaps when on buses and trains. It's only when I got back that I realized looking at Lightroom metadata, that 80% of my shots had been taken with the 23mm fixed lens, not really fast AF Fujifilm X100. Man, that was kind of a surprise given how attached I was to my Nikon gear. When I reflect back, there's one word that describe the reason I was picking up this camera more than my DSLR: SOUL. Even if it was (and still is) a more limited machine, this camera had (and still has) something unique, something inspiring, something that I'm not seeing/feeling with any other camera brand.

These are my first test shots taken with the X100F and I must say that I'm very impressed by this version of the classic.

Expect more shots soon, but you can already tell how much I love this camera, so follow me on Instagram and you'll see a whole lot of it! You can also see a full unboxing and first review on my Youtube Channel.

Happy shooting! 

Vlog # 47 | Photoshoot in Burlington 🇺🇸

Coffee shops, urban exploration and photography. Our definition of a perfects weekend getaway.

Images from the photoshoot

Vlog #44 | 😱 OMG I GOT A SONY a6500!!

Decided to change the tool I was using to tell stories and vlog. I first considered the Panasonic G85, but le lack of a fast and reliable autofocus made me go for the Sony a6500. I've shot a little bit with it in the second portion of the vlog (mostly on auto). Now the fun begins: Learning how to get the image look and feel I want.

If you have any tips or videos I should watch, please put them down below!

HUGE thanks to CLN for letting me use it's dope tracks in my vlogs:

Why Snapchat is the ultimate storytelling platform and why your brand or business should CARE

It’s no secret now that the hottest social app of the past 2 years has been Snapchat. Lots of people laughed when it was first introduced in 2011 thinking it was just for a bunch of kids wanting to exchange sex oriented disappearing content.

Now these same guys who laughed back then are looking at the stats going: “Holy Snap, what the hell just happened here!”. With more than 100 million daily ACTIVE users and 10 billion of daily video views, Snapchat is definitely becoming the ultimate micro video storytelling platform.

Why it’s so popular?

It’s The Anti-Social Media
Forget the social graph, forget the fancy face recognition algorithms. Think about it, Facebook is only 12 years old and their social platform model is already being challenging by younger, “cooler” platforms that don’t want to “give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected” In fact, Snapchat has decided to go in a totally different direction by not giving the option to like, share or comment publicly. Instead, it wants you to have 1–1 conversations with other snapchatters through a multitude of options like replying to a sequence in a Story with a private text, video, emoji or image. Again, it makes the platform unique and very focussed on establishing a true two way conversations.

Right Time For Video
The combination of faster data rate transfer (thanks to LTE mobile networks) and the rise of the mobile first world has catapulted video into the mainstream mobile web and has made sharing video over the air very easy. Being a video oriented platform, Snapchat is right there in the middle of the bullseye in terms of having the right app, with the right functions/possibilities, at the right time.

Your Mom And You Boss Aren’t On Snapchat… (yet).
Sure, some cool moms and bosses are (and they should), but overall this is a platform where millennials can share stuff they wouldn’t necessarily share on mass social media platform like Facebook and Twitter. Actually stats shows that 30% of the Snapchat users use it because their parents aren’t on it.

So. What This Has To Do With Business And Brands?
These are only 3 reasons why Snapchat is so popular and why Brands should learn how to use it in a engaging way. If you start reverse engineering people’s attention and look at the data, you will find that micro video storytelling is definitely here to stay and that people are willing to spend more and more time with this form of content. In fact, US Adults Spend more than 5.5 Hours with Video Content Each Day.

I think there is definitely a huge opportunity for large and small businesses to learn how to play the game and to be there first. Think about it, if you are a small local business, this could be a very powerful tool to share cool stories about the neighborhood you are doing business in or give people a behind the scenes access to whatever industry you are in. At the end of the day, if you provide value, entertainment and give a reason to people to follow and interact with you, this could become a very efficient way to attract and get to know customers.

So start producing content made for the real time world that will get you closer to your audience. This could lead to many opportunities you haven’t event thought about. And don’t worry we’re all trying to figure it out all together and that’s what makes it even more exciting!

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